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Frequently Asked Questions about Murphy’s Gardens                                                                                                                            Do you offer a guarantee on your plants? Our plants are guaranteed to be true to name, healthy & in good  growing condition when sold.   Since weather, site conditions and plant care are out of our control once plants leave our nursery, we offer no further guarantee.  We will, however, do all we can to educate you on proper care & site selection any time you ask.

My perennial that I planted a couple weeks ago is just “sitting there” .   We have a favorite saying around here:about perennials:   The 1st year they sleep, the 2nd they creep and the 3rd they leap!  Perennials require patience, some more than other.  Do not fertilize your perennials the first year -  “Just say No to Miracle Grow”!   Rather feed your soil with some good compost, not your plant and water it adequately for the first season.    Your perennial is working on growing roots the first year, not foliage or flowers.     

What zone is Galena, IL.  We are in hardiness zone 5.  All of our perennials, unless they are marked otherwise, are zone 5 and above. Most have been tested here, or in Illinois gardens.   Zones are based on a 10 year average of temps and in certain years the limits can be pushed.  Gardening is not for the person who wants absolutes.                                                                                                 

Do you design gardens?  We have staff members that will be happy to help you with small designs here at our store as long as you intend to buy your plants here.   We ask that you come with a photo, information on site conditions (dry, wet, clay, sun, shade) and any other “wants”.  For larger projects or for installations and/or garden maintenance, we work with  trusted landscape designers and we will be glad to refer you!   We do have a designer on staff who can come to your property.  There is an ititial charge of $50 for consultation which includes some plans.

Can we tour the gardens and what does it cost?  Our display gardens are open for self-guided tours during our normal business hours at no cost.   Special arrangements can be made for large groups, for guided tours or for private classes.  Sorry, we do not allow dogs or smoking in our shop or gardens.

Are the gardens & store handicapped accessible?   Our gardens and store are on almost level ground and there are no steps.   Our parking lots are gravel, so some find this difficult to walk or wheel on and there are some low thresholds into the greenhouses.  Most find it easy to get around.  

What kind of growing methods do you use?   We try to grow all of our products (both plants & produce) using organic and sustainable growing practices.  We have a rain water capture system which we use to water our greenhouses, we believe in compost and we rarely use any synthetic chemicals on  our plants or produce.  When necessary, we use organic controls.  

Do you sell gift certificates?  Yes!  You can purchase them in our store or over the phone!  We think they are the perfect gift for a gardener!

Do you sell products on-line or ship them?   We can always mail gift certificates and provide local delivery, but  we currently do not ship plant material as a standard practice.  Some hardgoods (like gloves, soaps etc) can be mailed.     

What are your hours?  Our current hours can be found on our Hours and Directions page or you can confirm them by calling us 815-541-4274.   Our hours vary by season and are not changed except with extreme weather conditions.  Please check our hours page for monthly hours.

Can you special order plants or custom grow?  If what you want is not in our inventory, we will do our best to find them for you.  Some restrictions on quantity apply and a ½ down deposit is required.   Many times we can offer excellent prices on full flats of smaller pots (plugs) if we have advance notice.  

Do you rent your gardens for weddings or parties?  We feel flattered to get asked this question a lot, but at the present time, we do not rent our gardens for special events.

Why don’t you have a bigger sign on Hwy 20?   The #1 asked question!  Well..the answer is not for lack of want or need, but a IDOT regulation that designates this section of Hwy 20 as scenic byway.  No new signs are allowed.  Our state issued blue tourist activity sign is our official signage.  

Can we bring our pets?  We are sorry, but pets are not allowed in our gardens or greenhouse, on or off a leash.  While we dearly love animals, the safety of our staff, customers, cats and gardens are of utmost importance.  Our insurance company also reminded us that all “friendly” dogs are friendly to everyone, so we ask that if you bring a pet, they remain in your vehicle.  Thank you for understanding!

Can I have a “smoke”?  We are a completely smoke free facility.  If you are smoking, you had better be on fire.